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I'm a student of the Pushkin University (that sounds "LGU imeni Puskina" in Russian). I study there English and German. My hobbies are beading, reading, swimming, and many others)

воскресенье, 28 ноября 2010 г.

I did my best to win in the Haute Couture Beading contest, but I guess I'll be lucky next time) Still I'm glad that my compatriot Olga Haserodt (now she lives in Germany but she was born in Russia) won - her work was very beautiful and original. By the way, I was very surprised that there was only 1 winner and so many prizes just for him - couldn't they make some honourable mention prizes?.. There were so many beautiful noticeable works, that were worth it.
A couple days ago I've finished a new collar. I'm not sure how to name it, my fantasy wanished:) I just call it "The Ruby Flower".

вторник, 16 ноября 2010 г.

The time runs so fast.. I was going to take a part in Haute Couture Beading contest, to prepare a lot of works.. But all I could bead in time was this very collar. I called it "Ivory Dream"

And here is that haute couture dress that inspired me:
This wonderful dress has caught my eye at once. It's really hard to describe my feelings when I see this dress -
something light as a feather or a white cloud, soft and smooth as silk, glowing gently as a pearl, with accurate lines as spires of gothic churches... So I did my best to show my feelings and emotions in this collar.

вторник, 12 октября 2010 г.

I can't believe it! I work as a teacher! I've told myself so many times that I won't be a teacher, but look at me now! It is a very tiresome work. When I come home, I feel so tired that all I can do is sleeping... I work very hard because soon I'll have to study and to combine my work with my diploma. A couple of weeks ago I decided that I'll die if I don' have a holiday, and went to Egypt with my Maxim. We had a great time there! Now I'm home, and ready to work again.
As for my beading, all I could do during this month is to bead this beautiful bracelet, that will remind me about my holidays in Egypt..

четверг, 26 августа 2010 г.

4 years and a wedding

This august me and Maxim have celebrated the 4th anniversary of our relationships. This is amazing! Ive never been dating for so long! To celebrate it we visited Petergof, to remember how it all began. 4 years ago we walked together there, and decided to begin dating:)
Also, I've bought a new camera, and it was a perfect chance to test it.
Here are the photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/Mrakoriska/ZGigaC
The second piece of news is my friend Marina's marriage. She invited me and two more girls to her native town Novosibkov. This is a very small town, near Belarus. The wedding was very jolly, the people were realy friendly and kind. We had a lot of fun there, and of course, I came back with many photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/Mrakoriska/wkfUu

пятница, 20 августа 2010 г.

Collar "Lotus from the Pandora Planet"

I think, this is the best work I have ever made. The "Avatar" is a very beautiful movie, and it inspired me to create this work. The flower is of my own design, like the one in the collar "Amethyst lotus".

I've almost forgot that I had a diary here:) The hot summer is almost over, and soon I'll have 2,5 months of practise at school. This year at the univercity will be the most difficult, as my friends say. I'll have to write a diploma and study at the same time. And at the end of the year, I'll have to pass the final exams, with the special comisssion. I'm so afraid of it!
I've beaded a lot of nice things during my summer holidays. Here they are:1. Pink glamour2. The water power

3. "Festival"

4. "Pink Grapefruit"

воскресенье, 18 апреля 2010 г.

If only..

I started to think about my future... What will happen to me in couple of years? And in 5, 10, 20? I don't know anything about my future profession.. Of course, you may think that if I study to be an English and German teacher, I will definitely become a teacher. But I guess I've made a wrong choise when I entered this department.. What to do.. I can't leave it, because I have to study for one more year only, but I don't want to be a simple teacher.. I think I'm not ready for this job and I'll never be ready.. It's too complicated, noisy because of children, and nervous.. I always wanted to travel a lot, but I have a problem with my back - two years ago my spine was broken in a car crash.. For now it is all right, but it still hurts sometimes, when I have to sit or stand still for a long time, or to work in the garden.. If only I had such a job, that fitted me perfectly, but the problem is that I'm not sure what do I want to do after all.. Of course, I want to have a lot of time for my hobby, and to have a family with a loving husband, a couple of children and a big parrot.. But to be a simple housewife is not my choise also... I can't sit at home all the time, I need to have fun, to travel.. And nobody can give me a good piece of advice..
I'm sick now, and have a couple of days to have a rest from my studies at the university, and of course, to bead something. As a result, I beaded a collar "Amethyst lotus" and started a new one, inspired by the "Avatar" movie. In these collars I used a new flower created all by myself, without any schemes, however I'm not sure whether someone has already made the similar before.. Anyway, here it is, "Amethyst lotus".

понедельник, 15 марта 2010 г.


It is really sad when our relatives pass away... My grandmother died last Saturday. I can't believe it even now.. She will be buried this Wednesday.. She was very ill, and the doctors said in the hospital that it was a miracle that she was still alive. Now I have no grandparents at all. Firstly I coudn't feel anything and I didn't cry at all, and only today the tears came. I can't imagine that I won't see her again. I'm so afraid that I will burst into tears when I see her there in the coffin..
Maybe it will seem strange to someone, but I have beaded all this sad time. This collar is dedicated to my beloved grandmother.. I will always remember her. Here it is:
"My crystal dreams"

суббота, 20 февраля 2010 г.

New pendants

Finally my practise at school is over. The children are so noisy and naughty! I'm tired of them. But now I have more than a month of free time - I can bead as much as I want. And here are my new works:
1. Pendant "Strawberry flowers"2. Pendant "Amethyst eyelashes"

понедельник, 25 января 2010 г.

I've almost forgot that I have a diary here)) Now I have only one examination left - Theory and Practise of Translation on 28th January.. I've passed German and English already, and a lot of credits too. And then I'll have to work at school - as my 2-months practise begins on 1st February. In January and December I didn't bead at all - just hadn't any time for that. Now I'm making a new collar in strawberry colours.. God, I missed my beading so much!