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I'm a student of the Pushkin University (that sounds "LGU imeni Puskina" in Russian). I study there English and German. My hobbies are beading, reading, swimming, and many others)

пятница, 20 августа 2010 г.

I've almost forgot that I had a diary here:) The hot summer is almost over, and soon I'll have 2,5 months of practise at school. This year at the univercity will be the most difficult, as my friends say. I'll have to write a diploma and study at the same time. And at the end of the year, I'll have to pass the final exams, with the special comisssion. I'm so afraid of it!
I've beaded a lot of nice things during my summer holidays. Here they are:1. Pink glamour2. The water power

3. "Festival"

4. "Pink Grapefruit"

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  1. Невероятно красивые работы. Спасибо за то, что делаете мир ярче