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I'm a student of the Pushkin University (that sounds "LGU imeni Puskina" in Russian). I study there English and German. My hobbies are beading, reading, swimming, and many others)

воскресенье, 18 апреля 2010 г.

If only..

I started to think about my future... What will happen to me in couple of years? And in 5, 10, 20? I don't know anything about my future profession.. Of course, you may think that if I study to be an English and German teacher, I will definitely become a teacher. But I guess I've made a wrong choise when I entered this department.. What to do.. I can't leave it, because I have to study for one more year only, but I don't want to be a simple teacher.. I think I'm not ready for this job and I'll never be ready.. It's too complicated, noisy because of children, and nervous.. I always wanted to travel a lot, but I have a problem with my back - two years ago my spine was broken in a car crash.. For now it is all right, but it still hurts sometimes, when I have to sit or stand still for a long time, or to work in the garden.. If only I had such a job, that fitted me perfectly, but the problem is that I'm not sure what do I want to do after all.. Of course, I want to have a lot of time for my hobby, and to have a family with a loving husband, a couple of children and a big parrot.. But to be a simple housewife is not my choise also... I can't sit at home all the time, I need to have fun, to travel.. And nobody can give me a good piece of advice..
I'm sick now, and have a couple of days to have a rest from my studies at the university, and of course, to bead something. As a result, I beaded a collar "Amethyst lotus" and started a new one, inspired by the "Avatar" movie. In these collars I used a new flower created all by myself, without any schemes, however I'm not sure whether someone has already made the similar before.. Anyway, here it is, "Amethyst lotus".