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I'm a student of the Pushkin University (that sounds "LGU imeni Puskina" in Russian). I study there English and German. My hobbies are beading, reading, swimming, and many others)

четверг, 26 августа 2010 г.

4 years and a wedding

This august me and Maxim have celebrated the 4th anniversary of our relationships. This is amazing! Ive never been dating for so long! To celebrate it we visited Petergof, to remember how it all began. 4 years ago we walked together there, and decided to begin dating:)
Also, I've bought a new camera, and it was a perfect chance to test it.
Here are the photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/Mrakoriska/ZGigaC
The second piece of news is my friend Marina's marriage. She invited me and two more girls to her native town Novosibkov. This is a very small town, near Belarus. The wedding was very jolly, the people were realy friendly and kind. We had a lot of fun there, and of course, I came back with many photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/Mrakoriska/wkfUu

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