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I'm a student of the Pushkin University (that sounds "LGU imeni Puskina" in Russian). I study there English and German. My hobbies are beading, reading, swimming, and many others)

среда, 19 августа 2009 г.

Just another ordinary day

Today I walked with my best friend Natasha. She doesn't have much time now, because she works in my mother's shop, so we had many-many things to discuss... This Saturday our friend Sergey invited us on his birthday party, and we decided to give him 25 roses as a present(he will be 25 years old), and also to bake him a cake:) Tomorrow my boyfriend will come to me after his work... I miss him so much...
As for my beading, now I'm creating another mouse, like the one in my album. I'm going to give these two mice as a present for my friends' wedding - they were born in the year of mouse))

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